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Yunnan Highway

IP Intercom Solution for Highway In Yunnan Province

Highway IP Intercom Solution

Yunnan Province's highways play a significant role in driving local economic development and social progress. To enhance the management of these highways, a digital transformation initiative has been undertaken for multiple sections within the province. This construction effort emphasizes the standards of information technology, intelligence, and digitization, setting a new generation benchmark for highway development.

Product Requirements

A: The project requires the implementation of a centralized multi-level intercom and broadcasting system for highways. The system should be centered around a monitoring center and should establish communication links with various departments such as team leaders, station managers, road administration, traffic police, and rescue teams. The system aims to address the challenge of facilitating communication among these departments over long distances.
In case of emergencies, accidents, or unexpected disasters, the system should enable swift dispatch of personnel, organize traffic redirection, and facilitate quick dissemination of relevant information and notifications. The system should also cater to the diverse emergency requirements during routine days, holidays, and peak travel times.

B: The system should address the issue of timely intervention against unlawful activities like unauthorized parking and wrong-way driving, particularly at highway exits. It should allow for broadcasting announcements before entering accident-prone areas, providing reminders and alerts to drivers to enhance their situational awareness.

C: The system should feature an emergency assistance function that enables users to send urgent calls for help to a management center or monitoring center. Additionally, the system should be capable of forwarding alarm notifications to third-party management platforms while simultaneously initiating the transmission of live video feeds from the scene.

Product Design

Highway IP Intercom Solution

A. Customizable Secondary Development Interface: The system provides customizable secondary development interfaces, allowing integration with users' existing third-party systems to effectively collaborate with their business operations.


B. Comprehensive Network IP Intercom Functionality: The network IP intercom system offers more than just basic communication capabilities. It encompasses a range of advanced network IP intercom functions, such as forced disconnect, forced insert, monitoring, mute, broadcasting, group calling, and others. These features ensure swift communication during emergencies, facilitating information reporting and task assignment.


C. Multi-Level Management: Centralized management by the monitoring center is complemented by individual control centers, catering to diverse management needs. This approach enhances system security and reliability. The system integrates unified management operations for entire road segments, including intercom, background music, alarms, visual communication, command dispatch, emergency broadcasting, and multi-level management.

Highway IP Intercom Solution

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