Features of School IP Public Address System

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Author: SPON COMM2023-12-20

1. Diverse Broadcast Zones:

In the IP PA system, each broadcasting point functions as a network node with its unique IP address, forming individual broadcast zones. Each broadcasting point can simultaneously belong to multiple zones, and changes in zones do not involve any physical alterations.

2.  Abundance of Broadcast Channels:

The IP PA system allows the simultaneous transmission of multiple broadcast programs, each represented by a set of IP datagrams. Different broadcast programs can coexist on a single network cable without interference. With CD-quality audio files consuming only 128KBPS bandwidth, broadcasting 100 distinct CD-level programs requires a mere 13M bandwidth, less than 15% of a typical 100M local area network.

The IP PA system is a sound reinforcement system based on IP data network transmission. It can be employed within the same LAN, across LANs separated by gateways, or over the Internet.

IP PA System leverages existing computer network infrastructure, eliminating the need for separate wiring during installation. With program transmission based on IP networks, each broadcasting point can host independent programs, making it feasible for daily broadcasting. This distinguishes it from traditional audio frequency modulation and controllable intelligent broadcasting, representing a true digitalized network broadcasting solution. Its application in network construction achieves the convergence of audio broadcasting, video surveillance, and computer networks, providing a practical solution beyond conceptual frameworks.

3. Multiple Control Stations:

All computers on the IP LAN can serve as control stations to manage or utilize the IP PA system. The number of broadcasting control stations can be equivalent to the number of computers on the LAN, each with corresponding management permissions based on control area configurations.

4. Rapid System Deployment:

In locations with existing IP networks, connecting network broadcasting terminal equipment is all that is required. In areas without networks, establishing a basic network is relatively quick and straightforward.

5. High-Quality Audio:

The IP PA system ensures superior audio quality by employing an all-digital transmission method unaffected by distance or environmental factors. Audiences can enjoy a high-fidelity audio experience.

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