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How to Implement IP Intercom System in Smart Business Park

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Author: 2024-01-09

With information technology as the backbone, we enhance the overall security system of the park through intelligent management, safety measures, scalability, and the provision of user-friendly services.

Planning Approach

1. Alarm and Prevention

In addition to installing visual intercom devices along crucial routes and in controlled indoor areas for responding to emergency events, the park is equipped with a broadcast system.

2. Park Broadcasting

Featuring scheduled and real-time broadcasting functionalities, the system plays everyday background music, announcements, emergency broadcasts, business updates, and fire safety messages.

3. Integrated Expansion

Integrated interface and coordination with subsystems including security, access control, telephony, and intercom clusters within the park for unified scheduling and management.

Project Design

The service management platform software permits the monitoring center to exert centralized governance over the broadcast and intercom communication systems. It facilitates live device status monitoring, fault diagnosis, and troubleshooting, solidifying system dependability and consistency.

Control Center


Individual or group announcement broadcasts, text broadcasts, and emergency broadcasts.

Comprehensive System Management

Configurable linkage triggers for automation and seamless integration with fire safety, telephone, security, access control, and other systems for comprehensive management.

System Integration:

Capable of receiving and integrating construction.

Video Intercom

Full-duplex intercom, monitoring, and real-time recording, as well as alarm and intercom linkage, enable real-time visual monitoring and management.


Receiving Broadcasts

Receiving remote announcement broadcasts, emergency broadcasts, and business broadcasts from the central hub.

Emergency Intercom

Real-time visual intercom communication between front-end intercom devices and the monitoring center. In urgent situations or when consultation is needed, a one-button call can be made to the monitoring center.

Task Triggering

Triggering and broadcasting relevant content in coordination with IPC.

Video Linkage

Initiating intercom or triggering alarms results in linking and displaying terminal environment cameras.

Parking Lot

Intercom Functionality

Intercom with the monitoring center, one-touch calling.

Broadcast Reception

Receiving announcement broadcasts, emergency broadcasts, and fire safety broadcasts.

Remote Gate Control

Centralized remote control of gate opening/closing.

Alarm Functionality

Triggering emergency alarms and enabling video linkage.