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Innovative Campus Safety Solution: AI-Powered Intercom System to Combat Bullying

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Author: SPON COMM2023-11-30

Innovative Campus Safety Solution: AI-Powered Intercom System to Combat Bullying

In recent years, campus bullying has become a hot topic, with incidents on the rise and society increasingly emphasizing the need to address this issue in the education sector. One effective solution is the implementation of a campus intercom system, utilizing IP network transmission for features such as emergency command, linked alarms, one-click assistance, AI voice keyword alerts, abnormal sound alarms, public security networking, monitoring and recording, alarm positioning, and audio-visual deterrence.

Construction Objectives:


⚫ Enable students to report bullying incidents in high-risk areas such as dormitories and bathrooms through alarm buttons and voice alerts.

⚫ Provide schools with a proactive safety management and early warning system to promptly detect and prevent campus bullying.

⚫ Mitigate and suppress security incidents, ensuring the safety of students and faculty, contributing to a harmonious and stable educational environment, and aiding in the transformation of campuses into the safest and most positive spaces.

⚫ Record only the 30 seconds before and after an alarm to protect students' legal rights.

System Architecture:

⚫ Based on the specific needs of the school, install surveillance microphones and IP intercom terminals in private areas like dormitories and bathrooms. These devices incorporate AI voice recognition, broadcasting, and intercom functions. In case of danger or emergency, students and teachers can use voice calls, abnormal sound recognition, or manual alarm buttons.

⚫ Alarm information is transmitted via the IP network to the dormitory/security office's IP paging console. The console displays the terminal's name and location, allowing teachers to broadcast deterrent messages if necessary.

⚫ Upon receiving an alarm, dormitory/security teachers can assess whether local police support is needed. If required, the alarm information can be transmitted to the police via the server, supporting two-way visual communication for efficient verification and reducing misjudgments before police intervention.

System Functional Applications:

⚫ Proactive warning for rapid response: Enable full-duplex intercom communication during emergencies, supplemented by audio-visual alarm deterrence.

⚫ Swift response to alarms: External alarm buttons facilitate a 1-3 second connection to the monitoring center, providing immediate information to on-duty teachers.

⚫ Real-time AI voice recognition: Detect critical phrases such as "help," "emergency," or "fight" in real-time, pushing alarm information to the dormitory office for timely decision-making.

⚫ Real-time abnormal sound recognition: Identify unusual sounds like glass breaking or sustained loud noise, triggering alarms and providing information to the dormitory office for appropriate action.

⚫ Monitoring linkage for accurate judgment: Integrate with the security video surveillance system to automatically display the nearest entrance/exit video when an alarm is received, offering additional context for assessing the situation.

This comprehensive system aims to revolutionize campus safety management by leveraging advanced technology to prevent and address bullying effectively.