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Specialized Intercom Systems for Industrial Environments

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Author: SPON2023-11-08

Industrial internal communication intercom systems are devices used for communication and intercom purposes in industrial settings. They facilitate communication between different areas and hierarchical levels, enhancing work efficiency and safety management.

For certain industries such as mining, oil, chemical plants, and steel mills, not only do they have large production areas, but they also have unique industrial environmental requirements. This places greater demands on communication equipment.

Let's take a look at SPON intercom products in real-world applications.

Hansteel Nengjia Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 

Hansteel Nengjia Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise under Hebei Heavy Industries, primarily engaged in the smelting of steel and iron, power generation, and power transmission. Their industrial production environment is characterized by high levels of dust and noise.

In this challenging environment, SPON has deployed a professional intercom system at Hansteel Nengjia's industrial production base. This system boasts high-security features such as waterproofing, shock resistance, and communication encryption. The IP network visual intercom terminals have robust aluminum alloy casings, providing strong explosion protection, and automatic door closure. The product utilizes a multi-layer waterproof and dustproof structure, achieving an IP66 protection rating. Its distinctive design allows internal personnel to engage in full-duplex intercom communication even in noisy production environments.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, the "dominant force" in the world of port machinery, is the largest global manufacturer of heavy port machinery equipment. SPON provides internal communication and voice intercom products to Zhenhua Heavy Industries' Qinzhou Port. In this setup, SPON intercom terminals are placed at different positions on each quay crane and rail-mounted gantry crane, facilitating communication between the various equipment at the port.

The products overcome the challenges posed by the harsh conditions of the port, including constant high noise levels, high humidity, elevated salt content, and the potential impact of typhoons in the area.

Hengsheng New Energy Materials Factory

Hengsheng New Energy Materials Factory in Indonesia, a joint venture between Rui Sai Ke in Hainan, Huadi in Indonesia, and Zhong Wei in Hong Kong, specializes in the smelting and processing of laterite nickel ore. SPON's IP intercom system has successfully resolved the factory's previous communication challenges, ensuring smooth and efficient communication within the facility.

Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. is the largest cement producer and supplier in Northern China. SPON has deployed emergency call intercom terminals that enable one-touch emergency assistance. These terminals are designed to operate in a wide range of environmental temperatures. They can function effectively in high-temperature outdoor environments of up to 50 degrees Celsius and are reliable even in extreme cold conditions as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius, ensuring continuous operations.