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Intersec Dubai 2024- January 16th-18th, 2024

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Author: SPON COMM2023-12-22
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In Intersec Dubai 2024, SPON will demonstrate its integrated solution for safety, communications and audio design.
We cordially invite you to the upcoming Intersec Dubai 2024.

At the Dubai INTERSEC Exhibition, SPON Communications will present an exciting range of products and solutions. We will showcase IP PA Systems, IP Intercom System, including IP intercom stations, IP paging microphones, and comprehensive PA Intercom Management Software. Furthermore, we will emphasize the introduction of our significant product for SPON in 2024 - the Surveillance Microphone. This product offers audio monitoring capabilities for closed-circuit television security systems, further enhancing the precision and reliability of CCTV security systems.

Intergrated Solutions

Surveillance Microphone System

The SPON IP HD Surveillance microphone System utilizes advanced XCoIP technology, providing robust support for IP network audio monitoring. With proprietary digital signal processing, it focuses on delivering high-definition audio monitoring, overcoming common issues like poor sound quality and severe noise interference. Widely applied in public security, finance, transportation, education, and more, the system caters to diverse sound pickup needs in various environments. SPON's targeted design effectively resolves acoustic challenges in large hall environments, ensuring a high-quality audio monitoring experience.

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IP PA Intercom System

The IP PA Intercom System integrates both the IP PA System and IP Intercom System, centrally managed by the IP PA Intercom Management software. It enables simultaneous broadcasting and security functionalities, including background music playback, real-time broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, one-touch assistance, and more.

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Vist us at our booth : SA-K42