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IP Intercom System for Unmanned Parking Lots

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Author: SPON COMM2023-12-12

Dealing with frequent incidents in parking lots, such as vehicle scratches, collisions, occupied parking spaces, and malfunctioning barriers, an emergency intercom system with one-button calling becomes particularly crucial in the management of both manned and unmanned parking facilities.

Solution Explanation

The emergency intercom system meets various access environments and access methods, enabling functions such as emergency assistance, public address broadcasting, visualized dispatching, recording monitoring, and alarm linkage. This effectively addresses emergency communication issues in parking lots and enhances communication efficiency. It can significantly improve the user service experience in parking lots and, moreover, reduce the overall operational costs of parking facilities.

Solution Features

1. Low Cost

The system is cost-effective, with a simple deployment and point-to-point networking of devices.

2. Stable Operation

Individual node failures will not impact the functionality of other nodes.

3. Easy Installation

IP Intercom terminals can be independently installed, compatible with column installations, and seamlessly integrated with other parking facility equipment.

Function Description

1. Emergency Intercom

Drivers can seek assistance with a one-touch emergency intercom in case of any issues.

2. Remote Access Control

Administrators can control the access points remotely through the intercom control console in the management center.

3. Audio-Visual Alarm

Optional audio devices can be added for sound and light warnings, with alerts controlled from the management center.