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New Product Launch--The Unbounded Series Conference System

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Author: SPON2023-10-17

Speak Freely, Communication Without Boundaries.

The Unbounded Series Digital Conference System offers seamless communication without boundaries, featuring a 4.3-inch touchscreen for intuitive control, support for sign-ins and voting, a speaker list management feature, and the flexibility of both digital and analog backup options.

Sleek Design, Elegant and Grand

With its sleek and elegant design, the device boasts a grand aesthetic. It is equipped with a 4.3-inch display that offers responsive touch functionality for an exceptional user experience.

Ergonomic Microhone Base

The ergonomic microphone base provides a comfortable and hassle-free speaking experience, allowing users to speak freely and comfortably during conferences.

3D Surround Status Indicator Light

The conference system includes a 3D surround status indicator light, enhancing the visual experience during meetings and providing clear, dynamic status updates.

Digital and Analog Dual Backup

The system's digital and analog dual backup feature ensures system stability by offering audio output redundancy, allowing for reliable and uninterrupted operation.

Superior Sound Quality, Crystal Clear Voice

Delivering superior sound quality with crystal-clear voice reproduction, this system boasts two 14mm gold-plated high-fidelity microphones that offer precise audio capture, faithfully restoring authentic human voices for an exceptional audio experience.

Premium Meetings, One-touch Voting

Elevate your meetings with one-touch voting and comprehensive management software tailored for significant governmental and corporate gatherings. This software facilitates schedule management, representative management, sign-ins, and voting, ensuring a premium meeting experience.

Unbounded Communication

Experience unbounded communication with enhanced scalability through a family-design approach. This system also supports remote linkage with PA and Intercom systems, offering a seamless and integrated communication solution.

Multi Senarios, Multi-choices

This versatile system accommodates multiple scenarios and offers a range of options with multi-choice features, including both Shotgun Wired and Gooseneck Wired Digital conference units to suit diverse meeting needs.

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