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NXT Cloud IP PA System

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Author: SPON2023-09-01
NXT Cloud IP PA System

With the progression of the digital era, broadcasting systems have evolved through various phases, from traditional analog and digital control to the sophisticated digital IP. Today, broadcasting serves more than just basic voice communication; it plays an essential role in shaping ambiance, endorsing corporate culture, delivering vital news, and overseeing everyday tasks.

SPON has transcended traditional Public address limitations, developing and manufacturing the brand-new  NXT Cloud PA System.

What is NXT Smart Cloud PA? The term "cloud" refers to cloud-based solutions. It is a broadcasting system deployed and executed using a cloud computing model.



Ensuring Stable Operation by Minimizing Failures

The NXT Cloud PA system utilizes blockchain technology. There's no need for server system deployment, as data is distributed and stored on each independent terminal. This approach distributes the cloud storage workload and prevents system malfunctions due to failures at critical nodes.

In broadcasting with NXT cloud, there's no server setup or dedicated networks required. Terminals automatically store data, reducing system interference risks. Each device operates and manages independently.


More Powerful Functionality

NXT employs a distributed framework, allowing each terminal to operate independently. With its advanced hardware chip, the product offers more integrated and enhanced functionality. Terminals can autonomously synchronize and process data. The NXT Cloud PA system is plug-and-play, requiring no professional maintenance. Its streamlined design makes it especially suitable for schools or small enterprises and institutions.


Minimized Network Reliance
Unimpeded by Network Issues:

Audio data is saved locally, eliminating delays. Even offline, NXT devices follow preset tasks like audio playback. They operate stably regardless of network conditions.


Remote Control via APP: 
Remotely control all PA terminals.

NXT Smart Cloud PA offers an IoT system, enabling easy operations through the Skylark APP, using just a tablet or a manager's smartphone.

The APP displays broadcasting zones and allows real-time announcements, audio playback, and system configuration.

NXT Cloud PA, powered by the Skylark app, removes the need for dedicated control centers and networks, reducing costs. This flexible and user-friendly system heralds a wireless future in broadcasting.