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School IP PA & Intercom System Solution

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Author: SPON COMM2024-04-12

1、Solution Introduction


Utilizing the state-of-the-art XCoIPTM technology by SPON Communications, the School IP PA & Intercom system transmits audio and video signals as well as control signals in the form of data packets over the existing campus network. The system architecture is clear, and deployment is simple - just connect the broadcasting and intercom terminals to the network. Each access point does not require separate wiring, saving on system construction costs.

The system is highly scalable and open, supporting communication with mobile phones, landlines, and SIP phones. It also integrates with fire alarm systems and third-party platforms, enabling unified management. With quick response times and efficient operation, it serves as a valuable tool for teaching and management in schools.

2、System Topology Diagram 

3、System Functions 

Scheduled Tasks

The school can upload the broadcast audio needed for each time period of the day to the server and create a playback schedule. The system can then automatically play according to the scheduled tasks.

Background Music

The system is capable of integrating external audio sources such as radio broadcasts, DVDs, computers, USB drives, etc., into the server in real-time. It compresses them into high-quality data streams and outputs them to various broadcast areas, enabling background music playback.

Zone Paging

Through the IP paging console, it is possible to conduct voice broadcasting to any classroom, zone, zone combination, or entire area.

Emergency Broadcasting

The system can be integrated with the fire alarm system. Upon receiving a fire alarm trigger signal, it automatically initiates emergency alerts and evacuation broadcasts, with emergency broadcasts having the highest priority.

Additionally, the IP paging console is equipped with a virtual red emergency button. In emergency situations, it can also be manually activated to initiate area-wide broadcasting for manual evacuation.

One-click Assistance

In case of emergencies such as fights or brawls, students can use the IP POE intercom terminals located in indoor and outdoor public areas to make one-touch calls to the campus main control center or sub-control centers for assistance. When the IP POE intercom terminals are bound to the surrounding IP cameras, they can simultaneously transmit live video footage of the scene, enabling the main control center or sub-control centers to understand the situation on-site easily.

4、Product Introduction

4.1、Audio Management Software XC-9000

B/S architecture

It has functions such as scheduled ringing, announcements, background music, radio broadcast, and fire alarm broadcasting

Zone PA

Supports SIP trunking and SIP phone registration for broadcasting and intercom

4.2、IP paging console XC-9038N

Supports full-zone, partition, and terminal broadcasting and intercom

Supports SIP protocol for integration with VoIP phone systems

Equipped with 1 alarm input, capable of linking external devices

Built-in server (enhanced version) capable of managing up to 30 IP terminals

4.3、IP Cabinet Speaker XC-9602B

ALL-in-one design, integrating network audio decoding, digital amplifier, and speakers

Built-in D-class digital amplifier, with 2×30W power output

Built-in 2GB storage, capable of importing scheduled tasks and automatically playing them offline

Can be connected to an LED clock (optional), synchronously displaying time and broadcast content

Equipped with wireless microphone (optional), for local sound reinforcement

4.4、IP POE Audio Intercom NAS-8523C

POE power supply

One-key emergency call, fast full-duplex intercom

Supports SIP protocol for integration with VoIP phone systems

Equipped with 1 alarm output, 1 alarm input for linking external devices

4.5、IP Outdoor Emergency Call Box XC-9241V

All-metal casing, explosion-proof and waterproof, IP66 protection rating

One-key call, fast full-duplex intercom

Built-in 1080P wide-angle camera, with infrared light supplement

Supports ONVIF and SIP protocols, for integration with third-party systems

4.6、IP Integrated Amplifier XC-9508

Fixed voltage 100V output, with optional rated power of 130/260/360/500W

Automatically switches to local playback when network is interrupted

1 alarm input, 1 alarm output for linking external devices