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SPON Achieves "Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Center" Accreditation.

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Author: SPON2023-10-13

Recently, the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the list of accreditations for Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Center, and SPON Communications Co., Ltd. secured a spot on the list. This recognition reflects high regard and affirmation of SPON Communications' innovative capabilities, development efforts, and intellectual property rights.

The "Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Center" refers to an industrial design center or company that is established with the support of relevant industry and enterprise design departments, research institutions at universities, specialized design agencies, or industry associations within Hunan Province. These centers or companies exhibit strong design innovation capabilities, adhere to standardized management practices, achieve outstanding performance, and hold an advanced position in the province in terms of development. They also serve as industry exemplars in the field of industrial design.

The Industrial Design Center is required to have a strong innovation capability, outstanding performance, and its designed products should have achieved significant economic benefits or received recognition from provincial-level and higher authorities. Additionally, it should have obtained 15 or more domestic and international authorized patents (including copyrights) in the last two years.

SPON Communication has been focusing on the development of intelligent network audio technology for over a decade. The company's core revolves around independently developed embedded software, supported by integrated hardware and software products, including IP public broadcasting systems, IP internal communication systems, IP high-definition audio pickup systems, and more. SPON Communication offers a comprehensive range of intelligent network audio equipment and private network communication solutions. Currently, the company holds more than 180 intellectual property rights, including 30 invention patents and 54 software copyrights. They have actively contributed to the formulation of five national and local standards and have become a nationally recognized and specialized "Little Giant" enterprise with outstanding capabilities in design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service in the field of audio technology.

SPON Communication Co., Ltd.'s Industrial Design Center has established a Technical Expert Committee and established deep collaborations with higher education institutions and research organizations. This ongoing partnership has been instrumental in promoting the practical application of technological achievements and the industrialization of high-tech innovations, thus enhancing the company's development and innovation capabilities. The center's primary objective is to elevate product technology, quality standards, and value-added features. They continually enhance new functionalities for audio terminals and optimize and upgrade processes to improve the company's economic performance and industry recognition.

The center is dedicated to researching and developing new, high-end audio product series, upgrading existing equipment, and achieving a multifaceted integration of informatization and intelligence. Through these efforts, they are at the forefront of driving the vigorous growth of the domestic audio industry.

With lofty aspirations and unwavering diligence, SPON Communication Co., Ltd.'s Industrial Design Center is committed to a future characterized by the continuous exploration of new materials, new processes, and new functionalities for audio terminals. Driven by the company's strategic planning, the center aims to propel its development further.

SPON Communication has always adhered to the principle of "Leading with Design," emphasizing innovative design thinking. They effectively integrate their corporate culture with product culture, establishing a strong brand reputation and enhancing the company's economic performance. Through these efforts, they are dedicated to pushing the company to new heights of healthy and sustainable development.