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Evolving Digital Conference Systems: A Comparison of SPON's First and Second Generations

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Author: SPON COMM2024-03-01

As technology continues to advance, SPON is committed to the research and innovation of digital conference systems. Starting with the introduction of the first-generation digital conference system, we have focused on delivering superior performance and flexibility. Here is a comprehensive comparison of SPON's first and second-generation digital conference systems, exploring their features and distinctions.

First-Generation Digital Conference System

SPON's first-generation digital conference system, developed in-house, is designed for entry-level applications in small to medium-sized meeting rooms. Despite its economical positioning, it boasts advanced features such as camera tracking, multi-mode speech capabilities, automatic fault detection, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as EQ and AGC parameter adjustments, making it an ideal choice for a modernized conference experience.

Second-Generation Digital Conference System

Building on the success of the first-generation system, SPON introduces the second-generation digital conference system, seamlessly blending wired stability with wireless flexibility. Each digital conference mainframe can manage both wired and wireless microphone units simultaneously, adding features like sign-in and voting. Suitable for a variety of venues, including small meeting rooms, multipurpose halls, and auditoriums, this system addresses diverse needs.

The second-generation conference system introduces advanced features, catering to a wider range of venues and providing more flexible management of wireless microphone units. These systems aim to deliver a comprehensive conference experience, ensuring they meet the diverse demands of various scenarios. SPON's continuous innovation in the digital conference system field has established it as synonymous with exceptional performance, flexibility, and reliability.