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SPON Launches Network Equisound Speaker for Smart Classrooms

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Author: SPON COMM2024-03-22

SPON introduces its latest innovation in education technology with the launch of the Network Equisound Speaker, designed specifically for Smart Classrooms.

Analysis of Current Situation

Traditional sound amplification systems often suffer from uneven volume distribution, leading to a phenomenon known as the masking effect. This discrepancy in sound pressure levels can create difficulties for students sitting farther away from the front of the classroom, impacting their ability to understand lectures and potentially hindering academic performance.

In response to these challenges, SPON has developed the Intelligent Balanced Audio Speaker, XC-9630A. This groundbreaking product features a multi-directional array speaker design, allowing each speaker to independently adjust volume levels to suit different classroom configurations. By employing non-directed sound source technology and a unique internal acoustic chamber structure, this speaker ensures uniform sound coverage throughout the classroom, eliminating high-decibel zones that could cause discomfort for students' ears, regardless of their proximity to the speakers. This design promotes balanced sound distribution, enhancing sound fidelity and realism for teachers and students alike.

Key Features and Applications:

Uniform Sound Field

The Network Equisound Speaker ensures even sound coverage throughout the classroom, with minimal variation in sound pressure levels between different points, promoting fair distribution of teaching resources.

Comfortable Ear Protection

With an audio algorithm maintaining a comfortable 75dB acoustic environment, the speaker protects students' hearing health while ensuring clarity of instruction.

Adaptive Sound Amplification

High-fidelity, high-sensitivity, and high-gain algorithms enable effortless adjustments for teachers, reducing vocal strain during teaching sessions.

One Teacher, One Microphone

Supporting multiple wireless microphones, the speaker advocates for "one teacher, one microphone" practice, emphasizing personal hygiene and regular epidemic prevention measures.

Multimedia Sound Amplification

Bluetooth and line input capabilities cater to the multimedia sound amplification needs of teaching all-in-one machines, providing compatibility with various devices for convenient use.

Mobile App Management

The speaker supports mobile app management, allowing users to configure and pair the device with networks via Bluetooth, reducing learning costs and facilitating construction operations.

High-Fidelity Human Voice Reproduction

With a 24kHz sampling rate and advanced audio algorithms, the speaker ensures high-fidelity reproduction of human voice, enhancing the quality of instruction.

Daily Broadcasting (Expandable)

The speaker supports IP public address expansion, enabling features such as daily broadcasts, scheduled bell ringing, background music, and impromptu announcements when integrated with a PA server.

The Network Equisound Speaker represents a significant advancement in classroom audio technology, offering a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of sound distribution and amplification in modern educational environments.