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SPON Participated in the IFSEC 2023

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Author: SPON2023-09-08

SPON Communications, as a pioneer in China's IP PA System and internal intercom technology, aims to manufacture high-quality network audio and internal communication products, with the vision of building a world-class brand. From May 16th to 18th, 2023, the company participated in the 2023 London International Security Technology Exhibition (IFSEC 2023). This exhibition is one of the three most influential international security exhibitions in the world and serves as a premium platform for external showcasing and trading.


SPON Communications focuses on audio technology, showcasing the latest products, cutting-edge technology, and advanced scenario solutions to global customers. We concentrate on a converged ecosystem to safeguard a safe and better quality of life.


At the exhibition, SPON Communications showcased its core products and solutions in network audio and internal communication. By leveraging new-generation information technologies such as audio big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), the company primarily exhibited features including whistle capture, conference systems, AI intelligent microphones, IP PA systems, and internal communication intercom terminals. These solutions are easy to deploy, flexible to expand, and offer stability and reliability. SPON is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and products for various scenarios to meet communication needs.


Moreover, the exhibition marked the debut of significant new products and "star" series products developed by the company. Noise Detection system, as a typical advanced acoustic application product of SPON, has the capability to perform real-time detection, high-precision positioning, and automatic identification of honking vehicles in specific areas. It can generate real-time high-definition images, audio evidence, and violation videos, providing a complete representation of the entire process of motor vehicle honks violations.


The IP digital conference system utilizes a 48KHz audio capture, along with built-in DSP audio processing algorithms, to faithfully record and reproduce human voices. It supports features such as video tracking, recording, and Bluetooth HFP, meeting the requirements for local amplification, conference recording, and remote telephone conferencing. The system can be easily connected using standard Ethernet cables, eliminating the need for dedicated conference connection cables, making installation more convenient.


SPON has a global presence and boasts a vast customer base. Since venturing into international markets, SPON has earned the trust and favor of numerous international project clients. The company is capable of providing effective and timely technical support to its partners, both before and after sales. Its products are sold in nearly a hundred countries and regions, including the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


SPON has always been guided by innovation, driven by research, and committed to high-quality development. It has forged a path of sustainable growth with distinctive SPON brand characteristics. Through cultural confidence, SPON aims to convey the strength of Chinese brands to the world, allowing the world to see SPON!