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The Central University of Finance and Economics International Training Program visited SPON

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Author: SPON2023-09-05
The Central University of Finance and Economics International Training Program visited SPON

To further deepen friendly exchanges, jointly promote mutually beneficial cooperation, facilitate economic exchanges and cooperation between domestic enterprises and developing countries, and enhance friendship between China and various developing countries, on August 24, 2023, members of the Post-Pandemic Era RMB Internationalization and Investment Cooperation Training Program from countries such as Jordan, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Nigeria, Myanmar, Iran, Lesotho, Tanzania, Bulgaria, and other developing countries visited the Xiangjiang New Area to learn about the remarkable achievements in scientific and technological development. They also visited and toured SPON Communications Co., Ltd


Under the guidance of the presenters, the visiting delegation toured SPON Communications Company's exhibition hall, research and development laboratory, and intelligent manufacturing production workshop. They gained insights into SPON Communications' operational status, product range, technological advantages, and product applications.

During the visit, there was close communication between both sides, leading to in-depth discussions on product technology applications. They expressed a strong interest in and appreciation for S
PON Communications' high-tech research and development and audio-related products.


For many years, SPON Communications has leveraged its core technological advantages to focus on the intelligent network audio segment, emphasizing differentiated development and adhering to principles of professionalism, refinement, distinctiveness, and innovation. Through ongoing scientific innovation and technological breakthroughs, the company has gained a leading edge in core technologies within the industry, including sound source localization technology for microphone arrays, specific sound noise reduction, and audio structuring.

Its products have broken traditional application limitations and better catered to market and customer demands. Currently, S
PON is actively building a global strategy, expanding into overseas markets. This event serves as an opportunity for SPON to further enhance international exchanges, promote deep and solid foreign trade cooperation, and allow SPON products to "go abroad" and "go further," thereby enhancing its global operational capabilities.