What is Cloud PA System

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Author: SPON COMM2023-11-07

What is Cloud PA System

Cloud PA System, also known as a Cloud Public Address System and Cloud Broadcasting System, is a service that utilizes cloud-based servers and services to deliver broadcasts over the internet to specific audiences. It relies on endpoints such as cloud speakers, cloud amplifiers, cloud microphones, and mobile apps, using a robust 4G/5G network for connectivity. It provides features like text-to-speech, voice announcements, background music, paging, emergency event broadcasting, policy announcements, and more to designated areas.

The objectives of building a cloud broadcasting system are as follows:
--The system should be based on mobile internet (i.e., 4G network) or TCP/IP networks for transmission.
--It should support multi-level management and control, with the ability to prioritize and identify broadcasts.
--The system should offer flexible configuration, broad coverage, and ease of use.
--It should seamlessly integrate automatic playback with manual emergency broadcasting, including one-touch play functionality.
--The system should exhibit strong scalability, capable of covering all city areas and administrative villages.
--It should bridge the last mile in emergency broadcasting, ensuring the rapid dissemination of emergency information.

How to set up the system:
The cloud broadcasting system is deployed on the public cloud and serves as the cloud-based server for the entire system. It is responsible for receiving broadcast audio data streams and control commands submitted by the cloud broadcasting front-end. The cloud broadcasting system primarily handles broadcast playback control, media library management, and device terminals.

Multi-level architecture cascade:
Distributed Server Cluster: Centered around the Intelligent Cloud Broadcasting Platform, all services are deployed in the cloud.
Application End: Includes the Intelligent Cloud Broadcasting Client, Intelligent Cloud Microphone, and Intelligent Cloud Broadcasting App.
Device End: Various 4G/5G transmission mode cloud broadcasting terminal devices, including cloud speakers and cloud amplifiers.

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