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### 4. Product Overview
#### 4.1 Control Center
Our Control Center forms the core of a highly capable sound management infrastructure. This sophisticated center comprises of various state-of-the-art components designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring crystal clear audio delivery across a range of applications. The components include:
##### 4.1.1 Audio Management Industrial Server XC-9013
At the heart of our Control Center is the robust and reliable Audio Management Industrial Server XC-9013. This server serves as the central unit for our comprehensive public address system, taking on a multitude of key tasks that allow for smooth and efficient operation:
- **Data Management:** The XC-9013 server handles data exchanges, processing, and management across all IP devices, endpoint devices, and terminal devices in the system.
- **Unified Control:** It maintains control over public addressing, paging, and BGM playback for comprehensive audio coverage.
- **Data and Audio Transmission:** The server supports both data and audio transmission, ensuring no loss in sound quality or data integrity.
- **Flexible Playback Options:** With capabilities like scheduled playback, on-demand playback, ad hoc insertion, and emergency PA, our server caters to a wide range of user needs.
- **System Security:** The server uses control software for various tasks, including file playback, ad hoc PA, scheduled PA, and music library management. Moreover, it also offers password login to guarantee the security of the system.
With the Audio Management Industrial Server XC-9013 at its core, our Control Center offers an integrated solution for any industrial audio management requirements.