Analog Speakers

Passive Horn Speaker of Constant Voltage (Outdoor 50W)

Item No.: NAC-2510
Mainly used for voice paging, background music & emergency broadcasting in school playground, swimming pool, railway station, city square, open parking lot and other outdoor environments.
Description Specifications Wiring Diagram Dimensional Drawing
● Ideal for outdoor commercial sound system applications for voice paging, background music & emergency broadcasting.
● Conservatively rated at 50 watts continuous duty.
● Built-in 100V transformer, can be connected to digital amplifier of constant voltage.
● Designed for noise penetration and clear speech intelligibility.
● Offering wider frequency range and superior sound quality.
● Constant directivity horn improves directivity characteristics and ensure uniform and clear sound dispersion.
● Aluminum alloy enclosure that is mechanically strong and resistant to impact.
● Excellent sensitivity as a speaker in the public address system.
● Diffuser suppresses on-axis hot spot and improves dispersion.
● Mounting system designed for easy assembly and adjustment.
● Manufactured in SPON's dust-free workshop under strict quality supervision.
● Long 3-core cable for fast "hard wiring" and good weatherability.
● Weather and corrosion resistant structure using electroplated steel bracket (steel parts plated to meet 96-hour salt spray teset).
Rated Power Input:    50W
Maximum Power Input:70W
Rated Input Voltage:100V
Sensitivity (1W, 1m):109dB±3dB
Frequency Response:380Hz~6.5kHz
Wiring Terminal:Black, White, Green
Protection Grade:IPX5
Material:    Horn: aluminum alloy
Bracket: electroplated steel, gray paint
Input Interface:3-core cabtype cord with diameter of 6 mm
Operating Temperature:-25℃~55℃


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