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100V Ceiling Speaker

100V Ceiling Speaker

Sound Elevated, Installation Simplified.
 High-Frequency Driver
 Multiple Power Settings
 Adjustable Clamp Design
 Full-range ceiling speaker

In the modern landscape of audio technology, the integration of IP (Internet Protocol) systems has revolutionized the way sound is transmitted and managed. The IP Ceiling Speaker, a product exemplifying this innovation, offers a seamless blend of advanced audio capabilities and network connectivity. This article explores the product description, key features, and potential solutions provided by the IP Ceiling Speaker, focusing on its applications in various environments.

Product Description

The IP Ceiling Speaker, such as the NAC-111/112/113 model from SPON, is a full-range ceiling speaker system designed to deliver exceptional audio performance. Featuring a coaxial high-frequency driver, these speakers produce crystal-clear, dynamic sound across a wide frequency range. The design ensures that the audio is not only of high quality but also covers a broad area, making it ideal for large spaces and public areas.

Key Features

1. Coaxial High-Frequency Driver: The speaker system is equipped with a coaxial high-frequency driver that ensures clear and dynamic sound reproduction. This technology allows for a more focused and direct sound projection, enhancing the listening experience.

2. User-Friendly Adjustable Clamp Design: The installation process is simplified with an adjustable clamp design, making it easy to secure the speaker in place. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where quick and efficient installation is crucial.

3. Extended Lifespan: The speaker boasts an extended lifespan due to its composite suspension and damping treatment. These features contribute to the durability and longevity of the speaker system, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

4. 100V Line Output Compatibility: The speaker can be effortlessly connected to a power amplifier's 100V line output. This compatibility allows for easy integration into existing audio systems, enhancing the flexibility of the speaker's application.

5. Customizable Power Settings: The system offers customizable power settings, enabling users to adjust the audio output to suit diverse audio needs. This feature is particularly useful in environments where different audio levels are required for various activities or events.

6. Versatility: The IP Ceiling Speaker is a versatile solution for various audio applications. Its design and features make it suitable for use in a wide range of settings, from commercial spaces to educational institutions and public facilities.

The IP Ceiling Speaker can be effectively utilized in a variety of environments, providing a comprehensive audio solution. Some potential applications include:

- Commercial Spaces: In shopping malls, restaurants, and other commercial spaces, the IP Ceiling Speaker can be used to play background music, make announcements, and enhance the overall customer experience.

- Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can benefit from the speaker system for classroom audio, emergency announcements, and general information dissemination.

- Public Facilities: Libraries, museums, and other public facilities can use the IP Ceiling Speaker for directional audio guidance, event announcements, and enhancing the visitor experience.

- Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics can utilize the speaker system for patient information, emergency alerts, and general communication within the facility.

- Transportation Hubs: Airports, train stations, and bus terminals can benefit from the IP Ceiling Speaker for passenger announcements, emergency information, and background music.

The IP Ceiling Speaker offers a range of solutions that address specific audio needs in different environments:

- Audio Distribution: The speaker system can be used to distribute audio content throughout a building or campus, ensuring consistent and clear sound in all areas.

- Emergency Communication: In emergencies, the IP Ceiling Speaker can be used to broadcast critical information and instructions, ensuring that everyone is informed and can respond appropriately.

- Ambient Sound: The speaker system can be used to create a specific atmosphere in commercial spaces or public areas by playing background music or ambient sounds.

- Information Dissemination: The IP Ceiling Speaker can be used to disseminate important information and updates in real-time, ensuring that all individuals in the area are kept informed.

The IP Ceiling Speaker, with its advanced features and versatile applications, stands out as a top-quality solution for various audio needs. Its compatibility with 100V line output, customizable power settings, and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for enhancing audio experiences in a wide range of environments. By integrating this technology into existing systems, organizations can ensure clear communication, effective information dissemination, and an enhanced overall auditory experience.


NAC-111/112/113 Full-Range Ceiling Speaker, featuring a coaxial high-frequency driver for crystal-clear, dynamic sound across a wide frequency range. With its user-friendly adjustable clamp design, installation is a breeze. This speaker boasts extended lifespan with its composite suspension and damping treatment. Moreover, it can be effortlessly connected to a power amplifier's 100V line output and offers customizable power settings to suit diverse audio needs. A versatile, top-quality solution for various audio applications.

Product Specifications
Model No. NAC-111 NAC-112 NAC-113
Speaker Unit 1×5” PP Cone Woofer 1×6” PP Cone Woofer 1×8” PP Cone Woofer
Rated Power Output 15W 25W 35W
Input Voltage 100V 100V 100V
Sensitivity 89dB±3dB 91dB±3dB 92dB±3dB
Frequency Response 80Hz-15KHz 80Hz-15KHz 80Hz-15KHz
Ceiling Cut-out 170mm 200mm 240mm
Dimensions Φ203×90mm Φ230×90mm Φ270×105mm
Is there a function to reduce Noise Elimination?
 The IP paging mic is built with the Noise reduction algorithm.
Can it work in cases where the server has network problems?
The IP paging mic supports offline calling without server software.
Support recording all incoming and outgoing call information. Including calls that have missed calls?
Yes, it supports
What should I do if other SPON® IP audio devices cannot be identified by the built-in web server of SPON® IP paging console?
  • Please check if the communication protocol of other SPON® IP audio devices has been set to NAS protocol, since the built-in web server can only identify other devices via NAS protocol.

Which Audio Formats are supported by SPON IP public address system? How much bandwidth is used?
  • The audio formats of IP Public Address are: MP2, MP3, AAC, etc. (MP2 and AAC are the standard designated audio formats of national DAB )

  • Compare of used Bandwidth: MP2: 256K-512K MP3: 64K-128K

Practical features of the IP PA system when applied to highways?
  • Background Music and Announcements: The system can play music, Emergency Broadcasting.

  • Situation Reports: It can announce daily activity schedules, provide key points about significant events, and give updates about essential convoys passing through.

  • Emergency Interjections: The system can be used to urgently intercept vehicles violating rules, grant access to special vehicles, and command on-site order during chaotic situations.

  • Emergency Paging: If a toll booth encounters an unexpected situation, operators can use a one-touch emergency call to the control center or neighboring toll stations for immediate assistance.

Where can digital IP public address systems be applied?
  • Schools, especially those equipped with campus networks.

  • Highway Toll Stations

  • Chain Supermarkets

  • Large Enterprise.

  • Office Buildings and Skyscrapers.

  • Rural Connectivity Projects.

  • Any location with network connectivity can benefit from the IP public address system.

How does SPON's IP public address system set itself apart from traditional PA systems?
  • High Audio Quality: The system offers pristine fidelity through its full digitalization, utilizing CD-like quality data file formats, which are perfectly consistent with computer output.

  • Personalization: Built on an Internet protocol, each audio endpoint can freely choose any channel for playback, with adjustable progress, allowing for point-to-point personalized programming.

  • Network Integration: From teachers' courseware production and arrangement to speeches and scheduled program broadcasts, everything can be operated remotely over the network.

  • Remote Functionality: The system supports remote broadcasting across different cities and even countries. As long as there's an internet connection, broadcasting can be initiated.