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Item No.: XC-9201V
SPON 9201V IP HEAVY DUTY PHONE  is mainly used for audio/video intercom in extremely harsh environments such as Tunnel , Railway , Industry Factories etc.
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● Aluminium alloy casted shell, with strong anti-riot property.
● Metal cover closes automatically.
● Equipped with numeric keypad, supporting full duplex intercom to any designated terminals.
● Supporting "one-touch emergency call" function (by presetting the calling target on the server) to realize full duplex intercom.
● Available for paging broadcasting to all zones or specific zone in the authorized area.
● Built-in 3W speaker and microphone, available for hands-free calls.
● Equipped with a handset for answering the call.
● Integrated HD digital camera for H.264 video streaming to video paging console, Android & IOS smartphone App or other video intercom terminal.
● Built-in 2×25W digital amplifier module, available for connecting external column loudspeaker (8Ω) or horn speaker (8Ω).
● Ringing from the built-in speaker or external horn speaker (8Ω) to ensure sound identification in noisy environment.
● Equipped with 1×Controlled Power Output (12V) interface, available for connecting external strobe light to remind the operator of emergency calls.
● Compatible with standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), can be registered to VoIP telephone system (mainstream IP PBX such as CUCM, Asterisk, Yealink, etc.) independently.
● Compatible with standard ONVIF protocol, can be directly connected to mainstream NVR or other third-party storage device for video recording & traceability.

● Adopting multi-layer waterproof & dustproof structure, with IP66 protection grade.
● Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet).
● Equipped with standard RJ45 interface, accessible to the system wherever Ethernet is available, supporting cross-segment and cross-router.

SPON 9201V IP heavy duty phone is mainly used for audio or video communication in extremely harsh environments such as Tunnel , Railway , Industry Factories etc. Due to it is installed at outdoor place , so we equiped it with IP 66 high ingress protection.



After connecting the intercom to the existing LAN/WAN network, you can easily manage and configure the intercom using its own user-friendly configuration web interface accessible via the intercom's IP address, no need of tricky programming.

When you first log into the web GUI, after setting the IP address of the server (the PC on which SPON™ XC-9000 software was installed), you can manually assign a static IP address to the intercom. Apart from the settings of network parameters, you can also use the web GUI to configure other parameters of IP heavy duty phone such as intercom input & output volume, automatically answering , network adaptability, web interface login username & password, firmware upgrade, etc.

SPON 9201V IP HEAVY DUTY PHONE  is compatible with standard SIP (RFC3261) protocol, it can be directly registered on mainstream 3rd party VoIP phone system for live communication.


This endpoint built in 3W speaker, which allows it to receive any announcements from IP paging console or pre-record broadcast tasks from the SPON™ XC-9000 software.
» Full-Duplex Communication

This device is equipped with noise-cancellation technology , which allows the communication sound close to the original one , meanwhile decrease the background sound during communication.
Two answer method will be provided , automatically answering or manually answering.


●Power Supply & Consumption:  DC 24V/2.7A, ≤40W
●PoE (Power over Ethernet):  IEEE802.3af
●Network Protocol:  TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, SIP, ONVIF
●Network Chip Rate:  10/100Mbps self-adaptive
●Audio Coding:  PCM, ADPCM, WAV
●Audio Sampling & Bit Rate:  8kHz~44.1kHz, 16bit, 8kbps~320kbps
●S/N & Frequency Response:  ≥93dB, 25Hz~15kHz
●Video Transmit Rate:  16Kbps~2Mbps
●Video Coding:  H.264
●Camera:  CMOS
●Installation:  Wall-mounted Installation
●Language:  English
●Interface:  1×RJ45, 1×Amplifier Output, 1×Controlled Power Output (12V), 1×Power Port
●Working Temperature & Humidity:    -20℃~60℃, ≤90%RH (Not condensing)
●Dimensions & Weight:  346x241x125mm, 7.4kg


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