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Education-Hidden Corner

SPON Education-Hidden Corner Solution

SPON Education-Hidden Corner Solution

Educational institutions are more than just classrooms; they are intricate systems with areas that have distinct security needs. Parking lots, expansive and often secluded, warrant rigorous surveillance. While restrooms, being private sanctuaries, should remain camera-free, audio security near entrances can provide a discreet layer of protection. Ensuring announcements and emergency alerts are audible even within these spaces is equally crucial. Dormitories, the home away from home for many students, require a delicate balance of security and privacy. Embracing these nuanced approaches is not just about surveillance; it's about ensuring safety, respect, and an uninterrupted learning environment for all.

Key Benefits

1. Intelligent Threat Detection

In vulnerable areas like parking lots, the smart detection capability identifies specific threats like aggression or gunshots instantly, enabling real-time alerts to security personnel.

2. Integrated & Comprehensive Coverage

The synergy between SPON® Surveillance microphones and cameras ensures an enhanced surveillance experience, offering both audio and visual coverage for maximum security.

3. Targeted Restroom & Dorms Security

Recognizing restrooms and dorms as potential areas for illicit activities in schools, SPON® offers advanced sound detection. With surveillance microphones positioned at restroom entrances, they can detect and alert security to any aggressive or disruptive noises. 


Solution Applications


SPON Education-Hidden Corner Solution, dorm

Dormitories are more than sleeping quarters; they are hubs of friendship and learning. However, these micro-communities also present potential hazards, from large-scale emergencies to personal conflicts.

Preparedness for Major Emergencies

Prompt Evacuations: In the face of fires or earthquakes, the SPON PA system delivers pre-set evacuation instructions, ensuring cyclic playback for guiding students safely out.

Ensuring Safety: Dense populations in dorms necessitate an efficient emergency response to prevent serious harm.

Addressing Personal Conflicts and Privacy Concerns

Monitoring for Bullying: The SPON surveillance microphone offers selective audio recording, activated upon detecting unusual sounds or certain keywords.

Rapid Intervention: If a potential threat is identified, the system not only records but also alerts the security room. Security can then use the SPON paging microphone for immediate communication or announcements.

Immediate Assistance for Students

Emergency Call Box: Positioned on each dorm floor, SPON's Intercom system features a one-touch emergency button and a 13MP camera.

Reinforced Security: Its video intercom capabilities allow security to instantly assess situations, ensuring students always feel safeguarded.

SPON Education-Hidden Corner Solution, restroom


Restroom Safety with SPON® Surveillance

In educational institutions, restrooms can often transform into unexpected venues of concern. Beyond their primary function, these concealed spaces may inadvertently shelter a variety of illicit activities. Instances of bullying become hidden dramas behind closed doors, with victims silently enduring torment.

Advanced Sound & Keywords Detection: SPON® IP Surveillance Microphones equipped with intelligent analytics are installed in restrooms. it detects keywords like bullying and drug dealings, alerting security via the Surveillance Platform, and providing an alternative to CCTV in restrooms due to privacy concerns.

Immediate Response: When SPON® surveillance microphones detect keywords or unusual sounds indicating bullying, the IP PA system automatically activates pre-set voice alerts like "Leave this area."

SPON Education-Hidden Corner Solution, parking lots

Parking Lots

SPON® Outdoor Security Solutions

For comprehensive school security, especially in expansive areas like parking lots, SPON® offers:

Weather-Resistant Surveillance Microphones: Engineered for challenging conditions from dust storms to heavy rain.

Smart Detection: In parking areas, microphones pinpoint threats like aggression, gunshots, or glass breaking, alerting security in real time.

Proactive Alerts: If a threat is detected, a relay signal from cameras to the SPON® IP fire alarm unit triggers warning messages, acting as a deterrent.

Emergency Communication with SPON® Intercom

At parking lots, the potential for emergencies necessitates swift communication tools. SPON® has you covered:

Standardized Security: Every parking lot's protection system includes our reliable security intercom.

Instant Reporting: Spot a suspicious behavior? Simply press the call button on the wall-mounted SPON® IP intercom station.

Efficient Communication: This initiates a real-time, two-way audio link with the master control room. Report incidents and coordinate actions immediately, ensuring rapid response to any threat.