SPON Mosque IP PA & Intercom Solution

SPON Mosque IP PA & Intercom Solution

Mosques are religious and community centers in Islam, serving as gathering, worship, and learning places for Muslims. Wherever worshipers are in a mosque, it's vital they clearly hear the message.

For amplifying prayers, scriptures, and notifications within a mosque, SPON's IP PA system is an ideal solution. It suits both small single-story mosques and larger complexes with minarets, offices, gates, and domed structures. The SPON IP PA system can be tailored based on the mosque's architecture, requirements, and desired sound quality.

All speakers can be networked together for unified broadcasts or different areas can have distinct, personalized broadcasts, making it more intelligent and adaptable.

SPON Mosque IP PA & Intercom Solution

Solution Key Benefits

(1) The system's analog audio input and output interfaces are designed to connect to players and microphones. Every input can be effortlessly connected to any desired zone.

(2) The system's design philosophy emphasizes decentralized control of various functionalities. With audio input and output signal processing located within each device itself, the network controller primarily focuses on broadcast routing management and control. This decentralized approach allows for quicker responses than systems that process all signals centrally.

(3) Audio signals in this broadcast system can be transmitted without any limitations. Users have the flexibility to route various audio sources to different speaker zones, facilitating selective or comprehensive broadcasting across zones. Adopting a networked structure, the number of digital audio channels that can be transmitted is unrestricted.

Application of System


Worship times in Islam, particularly for the Azan (Adhan), are of paramount importance and require utmost precision. Consequently, the significance of timed broadcasting for such events is pivotal. 

The SPON audio managing software, XC-9000, is designed to address this very need. Beyond its capability to manage all public broadcasting devices within a designated area, it offers a robust feature set for timing broadcasts, either across specific zones or throughout the entire area. This feature is particularly beneficial for mosques, given that the Azan has five distinct timings throughout the day. 

Administrators can pre-set these times into the XC-9000 system. Once scheduled, the software ensures that the call to prayer, Adhan, is broadcasted punctually, reflecting the importance of timely worship in Islam and ensuring that the community is always in sync with their prayer routines.


In the control center, the IP Paging console XC-9038N can serve both as a terminal console and a Mixer. It can manage up to 30 terminals and offers real-time paging capability. For Adhan, the XC-9038N also supports timed broadcasts, allowing precise scheduling for future prayer call timings.

SPON Mosque IP PA & Intercom Solution

Emergency Call

During Adhan or worship, there might be risks such as riots or other emergencies. SPON's emergency call boxes, XC-9241 and XC-9242, enable instant communication with security at the touch of a button. Fitted with an HD camera, these boxes facilitate video intercom with the security room, offering live visuals. Furthermore, with dual alarm outputs, they can detect and notify the server of disturbances like intense arguments.

SPON Mosque IP PA & Intercom Solution

Indoor Area

In the sacred environment of Adhan, precision in worship timekeeping and clarity in sound transmission are paramount. Within the mosque's indoor spaces, SPON's IP ceiling speakers not only deliver ambient music but also crucial calls to prayer. When congregants gather in communal zones or relaxation areas, SPON's XC-9508 IP Integrated Amplifier, when paired with the PA ceiling speaker, ensures that the melodious and reverent sounds of the Adhan are conveyed with impeccable clarity. This setup, through its intuitive design and efficient power delivery, guarantees that the Adhan's calls to worship reach every corner, allowing devotees to synchronize their prayers seamlessly.

SPON Mosque IP PA & Intercom Solution

Outdoor Area

The efficient combination of the XC-9508 IP Integrated Amplifier with the horn speaker NAC-2503 and column speaker NAC-530 ensures that the sacred call of Adhan is broadcasted with the utmost precision and clarity. Whether believers are immersed in outdoor activities or simply in expansive open spaces, SPON's speaker setup guarantees that the essence and urgency of the Adhan remain uncompromised. This ensures devotees can align and coordinate their worship activities harmoniously with the resonating call.

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