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Education-Outdoor Campus

SPON Education-Outdoor Campus Solution

Audio surveillance with detection analytics triggers alerts for aggression, gunshots, or glass breaking at school entrances/exits. The IP-based public address system provides prompt and specific safety announcements in these crucial zones. Network audio devices enhance safety and enjoyment in large active areas like gymnasiums and sports fields for both students and spectators.

Key Benefits

1. Real-time Anomaly Sound Detection and Emergency Response

SPON® IP Surveillance Microphones can effectively identify and distinguish abnormal sounds, offering swift detection and alert mechanisms.

2. Integrated Safety Measures

Combining intelligent audio analytics with visual surveillance ensures comprehensive security, enhancing both proactive deterrence and incident response capabilities.

3. Targeted Audio Communication

Audio zoning and network speakers facilitate pinpoint messaging where it's most needed, minimizing disruptions while optimizing situational awareness.

4. Enhanced Visitor Management

The two-way audio-video intercom system enables safer and more efficient visitor verification, integrating seamlessly with existing security infrastructure for potential forensic use.


Solution Applications

Entrances & Exits

Detection of Intrusion

Utilize SPON® IP Surveillance Microphones, equipped with intelligent sound analytic, at entrances and exits to:

Detect Abnormal Noises: Such as screams, gunshots, or glass breakage.

Prompt Alerts: Immediate notifications to the control room and security or law enforcement on potential intrusions.

Rapid Response with IP Audio Solutions

Enhance video surveillance effectiveness with our IP audio solution:

Versatile Messaging: Utilize live or pre-recorded voice messages to deter potential threats, inform staff and students of emergencies, or guide evacuations.

Targeted Alerts: With audio zoning, send voice alerts to specific areas, ensuring the right people get informed without causing undue disturbances.

Enhanced Security with Remote Visitor Verification

With our IP video intercom, staff can visually verify and converse with visitors before permitting entry:

Safety & Efficiency: Two-way audio ensures secure and efficient visitor management.

Video Integration: The video feed can be integrated with your VMS, allowing for retrospective reviews if necessary.

playground of campus

Gyms & Playground

Detection of Suspicious Behaviors

Advanced Audio Detection: Our audio surveillance system, with sound analytics, identifies and alerts security personnel to abnormal sounds or aggressive behaviors, such as yelling or gunshots.

Keyword Detection: Video surveillance may miss dangers, but surveillance microphones can detect problematic keywords, like profanity or bullying cues, using synchronized audio-video algorithms, triggering platform alarms.

Optimized Communication with Network Speakers

Strategic Broadcasting: Targeted communication ensures that the right message reaches the right audience

Intrusion Alerts: Our network speakers can auto-broadcast warnings the moment any unwanted activity is detected, ensuring real-time deterrence.

Versatile Usage: Beyond security and announcements, they seamlessly double as your sound system for various school events.