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Manila Park

Smart PA System Transforms Manila Park Experience

To enhance the leisure experience in city parks, Manila has installed a brand-new PA system tailored by SPON to meet the specific needs of the client, aiming to create a relaxed and pleasant park atmosphere for citizens.

SPON has equipped the park's PA system with advanced IP PA System software, IP Paging Microphone, garden speaker, and IP Digital Amplifier. This comprehensive system not only supports remote control but also enables various functions such as scheduled playback, background music playlist, real-time broadcasting, and emergency notifications.

Through this system, park administrators can remotely manage audio content, schedule different music for specific times, and create diverse atmospheres. Simultaneously, using the IP Paging Microphone, staff can conduct real-time broadcasts, disseminate park-related information, and provide immediate service and safety reminders to visitors.

In emergency situations, the PA system features emergency notification capabilities to quickly and effectively convey critical information, ensuring the safety of park visitors and staff. The combination of Column Speaker and IP Digital Amplifier not only provides clear audio quality but also covers a wide area, ensuring that every corner can enjoy audio services.

This comprehensive and intelligent PA system not only enriches the cultural atmosphere of the park but also provides citizens with a more convenient and enjoyable leisure experience, showcasing the innovative use of technology in urban public spaces.

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