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Multi-Zone Network Mixer Amplifier

Multi-Zone Network Mixer Amplifier

Total Control, Amplified Excellence
 Infrared Remote
 Offline Broadcasting
 4.3" TFT Color Screen
 Built-in Speaker & Mic
 3 Alarm Inputs, 2 Outputs
multi-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all daymulti-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all daymulti-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all day. with a 4.3each audio channel has its own volume adjustment allowing for tailored sound experiences. multi-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all daywith support for local SD card auto-play and remote updating, your mediaa schedule runs smoothly around the clock. multi-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all daymulti-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all day. the offline broadcast feature ensures that even when the network falls, the local play continues automaticallymulti-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all day. with built-in intercom and speaker, your communication channels are always open and clearmulti-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all day. multi-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all day. control four distinct zones with the ip digital amplifier. easily activate or deactivate zones with a button press. even after reboots, your settings remain, ensuring consistent audio outputsmulti-zone ip mixer amplifier. adjust. play. communicate all day. application: campus, office building, hospitals, shopping malls
Product Specifications
Model NBS-2301P13 NBS-2301P26 NBS-2301P36 NBS-2301P55 NBS-2301P70
Power Supply AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption ≤170W ≤320W ≤420W ≤650W ≤800W
Rated Power Output 130W 260W 360W 550W 700W
Network Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP
Audio Codec MP3, PCM/L16, ADPCM
S/N (Signal-to-Noise) Ratio Mic Input 1: ≥65dB; Mic Input 2/3: ≥80dB; Line Input 1/2: ≥82dB
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) ≤0.5% at 1kHz, 1/2 rated output
Frequency Response Mic Input 1: 80Hz-14kHz; Mic Input 2/3: 60Hz-16kHz; Line Input 1/2: 60Hz-16kHz
Speaker Output 100V (Constant-Voltage) / 8-16Ω (Low-Impedance)
Interface 1×RJ45 Ethernet Port, 1×SD Card Slot, 3×Mic Input (1/4” TS Jack), 2×Line Input (RCA Jack), 1×Line Output (RCA Jack), 3×Relay Input, 2×Relay Output, 1×4-Zone Speaker Output (100V), 1×4-Zone Speaker Output (100V), 2×Speaker Output (8-16Ω), 1×Speaker Output (100V), 1×Power Input
Dimensions 483×430×88mm
Weight 7.5kg
Standard Accessories 2×6-Pin Terminal Block Connector, 1×Remote Control, 1×Protective Cover, 1×Installation Manual
Optional Accessories IEC C13 Power Cord (US/EU/UK/AU)
Is there a function to reduce Noise Elimination?
 The IP paging mic is built with the Noise reduction algorithm.
Can it work in cases where the server has network problems?
The IP paging mic supports offline calling without server software.
Support recording all incoming and outgoing call information. Including calls that have missed calls?
Yes, it supports
What should I do if other SPON® IP audio devices cannot be identified by the built-in web server of SPON® IP paging console?
  • Please check if the communication protocol of other SPON® IP audio devices has been set to NAS protocol, since the built-in web server can only identify other devices via NAS protocol.

Which Audio Formats are supported by SPON IP public address system? How much bandwidth is used?
  • The audio formats of IP Public Address are: MP2, MP3, AAC, etc. (MP2 and AAC are the standard designated audio formats of national DAB )

  • Compare of used Bandwidth: MP2: 256K-512K MP3: 64K-128K

Practical features of the IP PA system when applied to highways?
  • Background Music and Announcements: The system can play music, Emergency Broadcasting.

  • Situation Reports: It can announce daily activity schedules, provide key points about significant events, and give updates about essential convoys passing through.

  • Emergency Interjections: The system can be used to urgently intercept vehicles violating rules, grant access to special vehicles, and command on-site order during chaotic situations.

  • Emergency Paging: If a toll booth encounters an unexpected situation, operators can use a one-touch emergency call to the control center or neighboring toll stations for immediate assistance.

Where can digital IP public address systems be applied?
  • Schools, especially those equipped with campus networks.

  • Highway Toll Stations

  • Chain Supermarkets

  • Large Enterprise.

  • Office Buildings and Skyscrapers.

  • Rural Connectivity Projects.

  • Any location with network connectivity can benefit from the IP public address system.

How does SPON's IP public address system set itself apart from traditional PA systems?
  • High Audio Quality: The system offers pristine fidelity through its full digitalization, utilizing CD-like quality data file formats, which are perfectly consistent with computer output.

  • Personalization: Built on an Internet protocol, each audio endpoint can freely choose any channel for playback, with adjustable progress, allowing for point-to-point personalized programming.

  • Network Integration: From teachers' courseware production and arrangement to speeches and scheduled program broadcasts, everything can be operated remotely over the network.

  • Remote Functionality: The system supports remote broadcasting across different cities and even countries. As long as there's an internet connection, broadcasting can be initiated.