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Yichang Youde Foreign Language School

SPON Installs School PA System at Yichang Youde Foreign Language School

Yichang Youde Foreign Language School is a key educational resource project in the local area of Hubei. It is a full-time private school with prominent foreign language characteristics that align with international education standards. It is expected to commence new student enrollment in September of this year.

SPON Communications has deployed a school IP PA system for this newly built secondary school. The SPON IP PA System covers all indoor and outdoor teaching areas, with classrooms equipped with IP active speakers for clear and gentle sound quality. Full-range ceiling speakers are installed in the corridors for an aesthetically pleasing and simple appearance.

Horn loudspeakers installed on the outdoor running track, while network speakers deployed in the indoor basketball court for bell ringing, broadcast announcements, and background music playback during breaks.

Based on the teaching environment, SPON ensures clear broadcast sound across the entire school, ensuring a comfortable auditory experience for both teachers and students.

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