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XC-9000 function

» B/S Software Architecture
Browser/Server Software Architecture represents an innovative shift in how software systems are designed and accessed.
Centralized Installation:
Once installed on the main database server, the software allows users across the network to access its functionalities.
Browser Accessibility:
Users can interface with the software through their browsers, assuming they're connected to the same LAN as the main server.
Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:
Compared to traditional Clints/Server (C/S) architectures, B/S structures reduce the client computer's load, leading to:

- Lowered system maintenance costs.

- Decreased workload of maintenance.

- Enhanced efficiency during software upgrades
user management
Additionally, our browser-based software provides advanced user access controls. Administrators can assign specific roles and permissions, allowing tailored access with unique usernames and passwords. This ensures system security while allowing flexibility for multiple users.
» Simple Installation And Setup
Installation and Access Guide for ICPAS Controller Management Platform
Begin by installing the ICPAS Controller on the primary database server.
Browser Access:
- Launch your preferred browser (Google Chrome recommended).
- Input the local IP address of the server into the address bar.
- Press Enter.
License Authentication:
Post-access, a software license dialog box will automatically appear for further actions.
After completing the software licensing process, you'll be directed to the login interface. Simply enter your username and password, and you can then dive into exploring the management software at your leisure.
» Superior Sound Quality
Features of Our Management Software: Digital Audio Excellence
Innovative Technology:
Leveraging state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) combined with multi-channel audio technology.
Performance Capabilities:
- Real-time Capture & Playback: Our software provides instant capture and playback at a rate of 44.1kHz.
Uncompressed Digital Audio: Designed to handle uncompressed digital sound, preserving audio integrity.
Sound Quality Assurance:
Ensures unparalleled sound clarity, making it ideal for live voice announcements and real-time music broadcasts.
» High Loading Capacity
High Capacity:
With the ability to support up to 1,000 IP audio endpoints simultaneously, our software stands out in its capacity.
Centralized Platform:
All registered IP endpoints are amalgamated on a single platform, promising efficient and streamlined management.
Scalability and Versatility:
Our software's vast loading capacity makes it versatile for projects of varying scales:

Small-Scale: Perfectly suitable for a PA system in settings like mosques.
Large-Scale: Ideal for grand projects such as smart city implementations.
» Centralized Device Management
Experience Seamless Audio Management with Our IP Audio Software Platform
Comprehensive Management:
Use our premier IP audio software platform to effortlessly manage a wide array of IP audio endpoints.
Supported Devices:
Our platform is adept at handling: IP Mics, AmplifiersAdapters, and Speakers
User-Friendly Interface:
The entire management process is accessible through an intuitive browser interface, simplifying your experience.
» Remote Volume Adjustment
Another standout feature of our server software is the ability to remotely control the volume of any IP endpoints directly through our browser-based interface.
» Flexible Zone Management
Simultaneous Broadcasting:
IP PA systems come with a key benefit: they allow for the concurrent broadcasting of different announcements or music tracks to specific zones, ensuring time efficiency.
Intuitive Zone Customization:
With our software:
Grouping: Easily group diverse IP audio endpoints into designated zones.
Renaming: Provide custom names for zones as per your preference.
Visibility: All zones are conveniently viewable on the server software's user interface.
Announcement Selection:
For broadcasting, simply select the desired zone(s) from the visible list.
Versatility of IP Endpoints:
In our system, a single IP endpoint can be assigned to multiple paging zones simultaneously, offering greater flexibility in sound management.
» Live and Pre-Recorded Voice Announcement
Live Voice Announcements:
Our state-of-the-art software supports various platforms for live broadcasting:
   - 3rd party VoIP phone
   - SPON SIP paging mic
   - PC/laptop headset with the XC-9000 server software's real-time capture & playback functionality
   - Smartphones through the XC-APP
Each channel ensures clarity, immediacy, and accessibility, catering to diverse user preferences and scenarios.
Pre-Recorded Voice Announcements:
For messages that are recorded in advance:
   - Upload: Easily upload the audio file to the XC-9000 server software's music library.
   - Direct Playback: Use a USB flash disk with the SPON SIP paging mic for immediate broadcasting.
» Text-to-Speech
State-of-the-Art TTS Engine:
Experience the power of an integrated Text-To-Speech engine, backed by the renowned iFLYTEK technology. This ensures high-quality voice synthesis for your announcements.
Steps to Utilize TTS for Live Announcements:
- Selection: Choose [Speech Synthesis] as your desired broadcast mode.
- Personalization: Modify the speech rate and select background music to fit your needs.
- Message Input: Type in your announcement or message in the designated text box.
- Endpoint Selection: Determine the specific IP endpoint or paging zone you wish to target.
- Broadcast Initiation: Click on the [Start] button to begin the announcement.
- Real-Time Conversion: The software instantly translates the text input into audible audio and broadcasts it in real-time, ensuring immediate delivery to your selected endpoints.
» Real-time and Timed Music Broadcasting
Real-time Music Broadcasting:
Direct Broadcasting:
Effortlessly broadcast music in real-time from your PC/laptop. Ensure your device’s sound card supports stereophonic mixing.
Playback Choices:
Use the software’s real-time capture & playback functionality or choose pre-uploaded tracks from the media library. This provides both immediate broadcasting and curated playlist options.
Timed Music Broadcasting:
Trigger Setup:
In the server software, navigate to [Event] and then select [Timer].
Choose [PA] as the intended operation.
Audio Source Selection:
Opt for [File] as your [Audio Source].
Music Selection:
Pick your desired pre-uploaded music track from the media library.
Scheduled Playback:
Once set, the system will automatically play the selected track at the predetermined time, ensuring punctual broadcasts.
» SIP Trunking
For enterprises equipped with an on-premise VoIP telephone system, leveraging it for live announcements to the SPON IP PA system is seamless.
Connection Method:
Simply employ the SIP trunk to establish a connection between our management software and your 3rd party IP PBX.
Two-way Communication:
This integration enables Two-way Full-Duplex communication, supporting both inbound and outbound calls.
Utilize Existing Infrastructure:
By linking your current VoIP telephone with the SPON IP endpoints, you maximize your existing infrastructure for enhanced broadcast capabilities.
» SIP Compatible
Our XC-9000 management software is compatible with most mainstream IP PBX systems, ensuring seamless integration for a variety of setups.
» Emergency Notification Alert
For safety, security, and emergency alerts, you can easily integrate third-party conventional or addressable fire alarm systems into the SPON IP PA system.
To Set Up Emergency Alerts:
To achieve this, simply connect sensors like emergency buttons, infrared detectors, or smoke detectors to the NAC-5003 interface module, which offers 32 relay inputs. Use a 22 AWG shielded twisted pair for wiring. After connecting the module to your existing LAN/WAN network, just register it on the XC-9000 server software for seamless alert notifications.
Step-by-Step Configuration:
Trigger Setup:
Navigate to [Event] and then select [Alarm] to determine the event that initiates the emergency task.
Specify Operation:
Opt for [PA] as the intended operation to broadcast the alert.
Audio Selection:
For [Audio Source], choose a pre-recorded evacuation or warning voice message from the media library to serve as the emergency alert.
Automatic Activation:
With the configuration in place, any activation from a sensor will autonomously execute the task, broadcasting the selected voice message over the speakers for immediate awareness.